Sunrise with Craig Fronek | Monday - Friday 6am - 9am

Craig has served as the Vice President of Make It Happen marketing since early 2000. His networking and interactions with a wide variety of clients in many industries including hospitality, entertainment, retail, real estate, automotive, technology, and construction have given him intimate insight into the needs of our business community and an insatiable desire to help build family-wage jobs in our community.

In 2010, Craig become the producer for Southern Oregon Live with Russ Batzer on KCMX AM 880 . With the 3 hour early morning talk show format he book nearly 2,000 guests including authors, speakers, business leaders, non-profit representatives, politicians, medical professionals and a variety of other community change makers. In 2012, upon Batzer's retirement from radio he took on a supporting role as the producer and co-host of the morning show with Shannon Young, a well known local media personality.

In the early part of 2013, Craig expanded his producer role as he partnered with CW Smith (beloved for his service to Southern Oregon as Jackson County Sheriff, Talent Police Chief and 8 years as Jackson County Commissioner) as the co-host of Sunrise with CW and Craig. Upon Smith's retirement this past July, Craig will continue as the host of Sunrise with Craig from 6 - 9am on NewsTalk 880.

Craig's passion for our community, state, country, military, founders, family and freedom will thread through the lively conversations that are upheld by the Sunrise Show's mission of being, "an enthusiastic blend of live talk conversations that make a difference to our community and nation at large."

With a slogan of being "A Little Bold and Extremely Fun" Sunrise with Craig will continue to bring its listeners lively conversations surrounding local news topics, guest and author inteviews and important insight into business, community and world events.

It's the goal of "Sunrise with Craig" to be the voice of Southern Oregon. Listeners are encouraged to engage through social media, Facebook, Twitter, email or by calling during the show.

Contact Craig by calling 541.772.8255 during show hours | After show hours 541.261.1025



It is the mission of Sunrise with Craig to broadcast an enthusiastic blend of live talk radio interviews that make a difference to our community and beyond. Sunrise will focus on local, regional, and national news topics with a commitment to being bold and fun. Sunrise with Craig will seek out visionary change makers such as bestselling authors, politicians, leaders, and brilliant conversationalists to support our news-talk format and engage with our listeners.