Program Schedule:



6am-9am: Sunrise with Craig

9am-Noon: Alex Jones

Noon-3pm: Glenn Beck

3pm-6pm: Mark Levin

6pm-9pm: Dave Ramsey

9pm-10pm: Clark Howard

10pm-1am: Michael Medved

1am-5am: Red Eye Radio

5am-6am: First Light



6am-9am            On The House

9am-Noon          Kim Komando

Noon-3pm          Glenn Beck

3pm-7pm            Michael Medved

7pm-Mid             Clark Howard

Mid-4am              Red Eye Radio



6am-9am            Dr. Bob Martin

9am-Noon          Travel Show

Noon-1pm          Forever Young

1pm-4pm            Money Talk Bob Brinker

4pm-8pm            Michael Medved

8pm-Mid             Armed American Radio

Mid-5am              Red Eye Radio

5am-6am             First Light